Wed. Jan 22nd, 2020


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Getting to Know HHA’s

The actual practice of a particular profession calls for a lot of challenges in doing things the right way and following the standards set by authorities. For professionals dealing with equipment or machinery, human error could cause damage, and may hinder important factors like production, work efficiency, or performance.

The next concern is, how about workers who are dealing with or taking care of people? These patients have delicate emotions, more than exclusive rights and privileges that no one should dare violate. They need extra care and understanding because of their unique condition; thus placing a great amount of responsibility on the shoulders of their caregivers. A single lapse of judgment or an honest mistake from a home health care aide could break or destroy his career permanently.

Considering the pitfalls of this profession, we, at came up with these interview questions prior to hiring and assigning someone to perform the duties of home health care. This article will also try to explain why these questions are critical to the professional development of home health care aides.

  • Why did you choose to become an HHA aside from other very promising professions? 

Right after asking some important personal questions, the ones mentioned above will truly measure the kind of motivation and the level of dedication an HHA has in performing the challenging job. Asking this kind of question will likewise reveal love and sincerity not only to the would-be patients but also to the profession in general.

  • Is it not ironic or contradictory on your part the fact that you are taking care of other people and not any member of your family?

This follow-up question will allow the interviewee to define what sacrifice really means. It will likewise reveal the value of genuine service above personal interest.

  • As a home health care aide, how much do you value empathy?

This is a very critical question that every HHA should answer promptly because, in the absence of understanding the patient and putting oneself in the situation of other people, one can never be called an ideal home health care aide. With empathy, patients could experience the feeling of being taken cared of by a member of the family.

  • How important is it for you to be trusted with confidential information? How will you deal or handle such delicate details?

One thing an HHA should keep in mind is respect for the patient’s privacy. There are times when, out of formality, a patient may share sensitive information to the person taking care of him. Since this situation cannot be avoided, HHA’s must exercise professionalism in handling confidential information by keeping it to himself or by not involving third parties to meddle with the affairs of other people.